Friday, May 20, 2016

New Ideas

Now that I'm getting this blog back up and running, I'm revisiting a number of game ideas I've had over the past few months (years). A lot of them are re-using classic games in new ways. Take today's idea, inspired by Rum & Bones and LOAD, tabletop MOBAs. I've never actually played a MOBA, though I have written about them ("Video Game Makers," March 2016); as with a lot of video games, I like the story and visuals more than actually playing.

So today I had an idea to blend chess, checkers and these tabletop MOBAs for a simple version of the game, one that doesn't cost me anything (I already have chess and checkers, of course, and I don't need any other materials). I'm not ready to add it to the site, as it needs playtesting.

When I pulled down my copy of chess, I also grabbed Risk, and I have an idea for that hoary old theme, zombie invasion. Something else I need to playtest before releasing.

I have ideas that will see the pages of my website when they're done, and I'm getting to a point when I can actually work on them. It's pretty nice to be in that position... it's so rare.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

New Microlite 20 & USR

Once, long ago (a few years now), I had a very infrequent gaming blog called "RPG Character A Week." Needless to say, the name was very wrong very quickly. I hardly blogged at all. So I'm starting all over.

I've been calling my versions of games "Domino Writing-style" from the start. I have ideas for several games, but the Big Two are Microlite 20, and USR. That's what this blog will feature, characters, crunch and ways to make use of those games.

Let's start with new and improved versions of Microlite 20 games, all available on my website.
The first is Microlite 20 Fantasy Expansion, which tries to be inclusive of 3.5e, Pathfinder and 4e. The equivalents of 5e characters will show up here.

The second is Microlite 20 Costumes, the super hero game that's gotten the most attention from readers. I revised some of the power descriptions and updated the simple spreadsheet I use to calculate Power Points. Just in time for a wave of comic book-based summer movies (well, "X-Men" and "Doctor Strange" are still coming).

Then there's Microlite 20 Modern-Day, with a very simple vehicle rules set, Microlite 20 Mecha, and Ultramicrolite.

And then, on the USR side, there's my revised version of that game, with slightly crunchier rules than the original, including a simple option for super heroes. I like comics, and the rules here and in M20 Costumes can be used for any high-powered game.

So, that's what I have to offer, let me know what you think.