Friday, May 26, 2017

New Games

As promised, I've updated a few of my older games, albeit with not a lot of playtesting. So, if you play them, let me know how they work. They're on my website.

Monsters Menace Monopoly: This takes the traditional game and adds giant monsters and hordes. Send your giant lizard and your ninja clan to conquer St. James Place and the Water Works. I'll update the abilities of player tokens as Hasbro updates the pieces that Monopoly comes with. The goal was to create a game using a minimum of outside material that was a lot more fun than actual Monopoly. Paper money is a pain to keep track of, and all those little plastic houses and hotels just demand that someone wander through and crush them.

Plastic Attack: I walk past the action figure sections in the toy store and FLGS; what's the point, any figure you buy just sits there. Miniatures can at least be used in gaming. I do have rules for different sizes of figure in my Very Simple Generic Miniatures Game document. But Plastic Attack is quicker, more of a convention game. Plus, the figures don't even have to be the same scale — it really is about as all-encompassing as a game can be.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I Am In A Book!

Now I have my second published RPG credit. The first was years ago, in what Seraphim Games called Super Agents (and what I called Agents and Assassins) for the FASERIP revision 4C, where I adapted the superhero rules for secret agent-types. There was some of that in Marvel Super Heroes, the game that FASERIP is based on (pre-Watcher Nick Fury, SHIELD in general), but I tried to be more broad and cover everyone from Buffy to Bond, and to fix a few of the rules in 4C that didn't work.

Like this, but I didn't have vehicle rules.

This time, I'm the winner of the create-a-character contest for Spectrum Games' Cartoon Action Hour Season 3. Specifically for Warriors Of The Cosmos, the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe homage setting book. I created Bubblor, a gum-themed hero, as in, "the action figure would have had a scratch-n-sniff patch on its chest that smells like baseball card bubble gum." It's a classic piece of 1980s childhood nostalgia (I had plenty of those pink planks) and a gimmick that isn't otherwise in the Cartoon Action Hour game.

They were almost always broken. And they tasted awful.
Of course, there are plenty of my games on my website, and that's where I'll be putting out more content in the future. But it's fun to see a few things out in "the wild." If you're playing 4C, or Cartoon Action Hour, or Microlite 20, or USR, or any of my other games, let me know what you think! I'm always interested in feedback.

Monday, May 15, 2017


As I get back to working on my blog more often, it's prompting me to take another look at my games. The role playing games will get special attention, since I have a lot of ideas for Microlite 20 and USR. They're not dead games, especially since the latter just got a new book from its creator and the former is part of the d20 system, designed to never die (just look at Pathfinder).

So I'm going to look more at the other games I've put together, like Monsters Menace Monopoly, Plastic Attack and Mutant Hunter. Are those the best rules sets they could be? I "eyeball" my rules a lot, and don't actually get people together to test them all that often. Solo playing games designed for multiple, competitive players, doesn't always work. This is an ongoing project, but I can at least provide a more up-to-date version of the rules for people to enjoy.

Plus, I have hundreds of miniatures and dozens of maps, let's make use of them somehow.