Tuesday, March 28, 2017

M20: Indiana Jones

This past weekend, I was at a convention (covering it for a magazine: two interests at once!), where the main activity was the local chapter of the Pathfinder Society, some two dozen games or so. There's also plenty of d20 activity happening, like Paizo's upcoming "Starfinder" and a steady stream of 5e books. So, let's revisit our version of the d20 system, Microlite.
I'm not changing anything; the newest and best versions of each rules set (except for Purest Essence itself) are on my website. Instead, I plan to continue to update options, adding more character classes and races, creating more rules, and bringing what I call "famous" characters to the Microlite 20 experience. For example, let's take another look at an old classic:

Indiana Jones (Henry Jones, Jr.)
As of: End of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”
Uses Microlite 20: Modern-Day (late historical era)
Level: 13
Species, Focus and Special Abilities: Human, Intellect Focus, Research, Quick Draw, Combat Style (Melee/Hand-To-Hand) +2, Combat Style (Missile/Ranged) +2, Connections (6 times per day), Lucky (3 times per day)
STR: 15 (+2)
DEX: 13 (+1)
MIND: 18 (+4)
Physical: 16
Subterfuge: 10
Knowledge: 21 
Communication: 12
Technology: 9
Hit Points: 67
Armor Class: 20
Initiative: +7
Melee/Hand-to-Hand Attack Bonus: +15
Missile/Ranged Attack Bonus: +14
Magic/Supernatural Attack Bonus: +17
Financial Status: Comfortable
Equipment: Leather Armor, Whip, Machine Pistol, Fedora

This is a straightforward translation of a well-known hero, perfectly ready to play, or inspire the creation of similar heroes. Does seeing classic characters in game terms help your game night, or do simple stats not work for you? Let me know in the comments.

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