Tuesday, September 26, 2017

VSGMR: Basic Rules

There's a new version of the VSGMR rules up on my website, and as you can see I've kept the rules almost the way they were before, but I've split the document into two parts.

Part 1: Basic Rules is what makes the name "Very Simple" true. It's seven pages from introduction to summary, but as I noted in the rules themselves, you only really need the dice roll summary page once you've played the game once or twice. The idea, as always, is to keep the rules easy to pick up but not so simplified that there's no variety in your troops at all.

Part 2: Rules Options is under development, but it will include most of what came before. I'm going to refine what was already written to include more options and offer things that no other game does. Plenty of games have special abilities for troops, but not VSGMR special abilities. And what makes the game more unique than any other is the rules for super-powered heroes and for characters of different scales. If you have action figures, let's put them to use (well, if you're not using them in a game of Plastic Attack, that is).

That's what's coming for VSGMR. After that, the plan is to generate armies, complete with points values and special abilities. I'd like to see your ideas for armies too!

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